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Memento Mori

Volume II

Volume I
Volume II


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 I cannot breathe; My hand outstretched into the night.

Into the fog; I utter my plight.

I grow weak- unable to fight,

With a final breath and from this nightmare- my soul takes flight.

To the Great Queen, I go- in all her might,

My soul heavy and quite contrite.


Precious Girls


To look into your eyes is to see a love so sweet,

An everlasting torch that lights my way.

A fragrant warmth envelops me from my head to my tired feet,

I Cherish your embrace, never letting go, not even for a day.

To drink of your innocence, of course - if I may.


Two petals upon a stem, swaying in the breeze,

Longing to be with you, Oh Gods- Please!

I'm always with you my little girls, like the wind dancing in the trees.




You plunged your cold dagger deep into my heart,

Without a word, you tore us apart.

Without a touch, without a kiss,

You turned your back - destroyed out bliss.


Your heart grew angry; unable to forgive,

No chances for me- no hopes for us to live.

to you my voice is reviled,

You stand in a circle of those who would hate.

An apology- is simply too late.


Without a thought you threw away a decade of love,

I call to the Lady, who soars high above.

All I desire is to be with you again,

A desire as sure as I'm using this pen.



The Bell Tolls


I shout to the heavens, I fall to my knees,

A darkness surrounds, Oh Gods please!

Lost in the mist,No witness to my tears,

I wither and fall,my hour draws near!


A voice calls to me,a voice so soft,

A beacon in the night,a call from aloft.

I look for my girls, they stand before me,

'Have no fear father,you'll soon be free'.'


My hands to their hands,my heart to their heart,

This suffering will soon be over,sadly we'll soon have to be apart.

Peer into their eyes,a kiss upon their cheek,

With a final breath, my body grows weak.


The bell has toll,my time is here,

My love will always be with thee,have no fear.

Take this rose,remember me,

This is her will,it just has to be.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado



Of Me


I look into your eyes, I see my soul,

A dark place of sorrow, a bottomless hole.

I touch your cheek, I dry your tear,

Stroke your hair, tell you -'no fear'.


Say I love you, through and through,

You are of me and I am of you.

Take my hand; to walk away,

To be amongst the flowers,the pale flowers of may.


Enter the dark place, leave it all behind,

Together forever - to be of one mind.


C.2006 Mario D Furtado


Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time; bloody shards upon the floor,

An empty chest; a heart no more.

Pale and feeble, I clench my chest,

Unable to comprehend, I tried my best.


The cold rain puddles upon my corpse,

An empty shell, void of dreams and hopes.

From a dark end sky the thunder roars,

The rain turns crimson; as it pours.


I hear footsteps in the night,

All alone, no one to hear my plight.

The steps stop upon the sight,

My limp body lifted - taken into the night.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado


Pale Blossom


Amidst the cold marble stones stands a pale flower of may,

The biting wind grasps it- beginning to sway.

One solitary color in a world of grey,

Anchored to the barren ground, in which I lay.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado



Father's Love


Two flames in the night; the loves of my life,

Your voices - an end to my strife.

Two lilacs swaying in the breeze, an aroma so sweet, so true.

A father's everlasting love for both of you.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado


Call from the Night


Carried on the winds, threaded through the trees,

Echoing off your ears, resonating to your knees.

It rides its chariot driven by unearthly steeds,

Embracing the cold marble, fulfilling its ancient deed.


Mystery it's maiden,fear its noose,

It grabs at your throat, never letting loose.

Some say there's nothing; others 'fear not',

'It's all in your mind,' that's what we're taught.

Could it be a wolf, perhaps a tortured soul,

It slithers over the barren knoll.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado




With every tear,my heart dies a little more,

Tears of acid fallin' to the floor.

Deep inside my soul  they fester before they go,

A symptom of my pain,of a disease- I don't know.


Perhaps pain or perhaps shame,

A curse invoked when you say my name.

All I wish is to be with those who love me,

To repent, as sincere as can be.


Corrosive tears pool at the corner of my swollen eye,

I lay hear alone; fighting the urge to cry.

I sit alone and watch the retched world go by,

Life in ruins, Goddess knows I try.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado


Appointed Hour


A cold wind howls through the rusted gate,

'I must hurry, I can't be late'.

The thunder roars and the rain begins to fall,

Without hesitation, I must get there, even if I must crawl.


Cries call out to me from with in,

Wiping the tears, I see my lost kin.

Finally upon the gates, I swing them apart,

A cold mist envelops me as I meet my counterpart.


Gathering my breath, I drop to my knees,

I look to the heavens and be - 'Oh Please!"

The rusted gate swings closed,

To my fate I'm not opposed.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado




Alone, shadows all around me,

Drawing closer I vainly try to flee.

They haunt me-figures of horrible mistakes past,

Someone calls to me; an escape at last.


They tear at my flesh,scratch at my soul,

Smother my breath,shatter my heart whole.

They drive me mad; whispering in my ear,

I crouch upon my knees; motionless with fear.

I await their final blow as they draw near,

With my final breath, from my eye there comes a tear.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado




I hear your cries, they tear at my heart,

My soul longs as we stand apart.

Your sorrow is the blade that makes my heart bleed,

To again hold your hand is what i desperately need.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado


A Road Less traveled


I walk this road, a road few travel,

Enveloped by oaks; not of dirt or gravel.

Not a soul around, my only company -the haunting of shadow,

Sounds break the infernal silence, the constant song of the crow.


The fragrance of the bluebell hangs heavy in the air,

An ominous wind threads through the trees; howling as they play.

All alone I wonder- where does this lead, where does it go,

My heart races; blood rushing through my veins; to and fro.


A rusted gate meets my weary eye,

It won’t open no matter how hard I try.

I can not see beyond the ivy shroud that obscure this gate,

‘Why am I here?’ Is it luck or could it be fate.


A melancholy song rides on the winds, my tears -upon the ground,

Vainly I hunt for the music, I look all around.

The gate swings open, a figure emerges,

I stretch out my hand; fighting these fear riddled urges.


Who is this lady, who could it be?

It is a most exquisite woman; my heart dances with glee.

She spoke, ’leave your past, come with me’,

Her seductive words- an intoxication that drew me .

I sense a sharp pain upon my neck, yet I did not flee,

To the world I was dead, I was now free.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado




You said you trusted me; said it was okay,

Proclaimed 'Go ahead, let us play’.

Eight years later; my wounds burn with searing pain,

The pain of betrayal, like that of Abel by Cain.

My misguided trust is now my coffin nail,

How could you,my love, have done me such a betrayal?


C.2006 Mario D Furtado


Ball & Chain


With every step I take, I drag it along with me,

The infernal reminders of my pain- how I can never be free.

Forged of cold iron, my perpetual burden- this I know,

Ball and chain that is sorrow.


c.2006 Mario D Furtado




Pain envelops my heart, weighs heavy upon my soul,

Surges through my veins, bursting without control.

My stomach clenches my spine, tears erode my face,

Hands tremble in agony- all sanity leaves without a trace.

Nothing left of this once tranquil place.


C. 2006 Mario D Furtado


Six Feet


Scratching at the pine, gasping for air,

Confined in the dark, do I fight? Do I dare?

Dirt upon pine, weeping from above,

Final words said from those I love.


C. 2006 Mario D Furtado




My heart longs for you, sadness wells in my heart,

Your precious faces call to me, I can’t stand to be apart.

Desires to hold your hands, to see you smile permeate every thought,

Once again I will hold you close, cherish the gift that the Lady brought.

C.2006 Mario D Furtado


First Thoughts


The both of you are my first thought in the morning,

You are my last thought when the moon began shining.

Memories we’ve shared flash before my eyes,

I’m all alone- no one to hear my cries.


c. 2006 Mario D Furtado


Standing amidst a smoking pile of rubble,
The stench of failure envelops me, completely encircled by unbridled trouble.
Smoke rises to the heavens, taking my prayers on its wing,
Tears shower my tattered cheeks; grief from my heart does ring.
C. 206 Mario D Furtado
Once tall and proud- now greeting the ground,
Wilted by the forked tongue; solace- no where to be found.
Previously exalted by the light, now shunned by the sun,
Few give it praise; it stands alone- loved by none.
C. 2006 Mario D Furtado
Longing Heart
Longing and sorrow fill my heart, as I gaze at your portrait,
Two roses; two flames- keeping my soul lit.
I long to see you; to share in your joy,
Alas I’m alone; a victim of your mother’s ploy.
C.2006 Mario D Furtado
So distant - so far away,
I long for you; for you I pray.
To hear your voice, to see your smile,
To hold you close, I’d walk a tortuous mile.
I love you both; with all my heart,
It’s absolute hell being this far apart.
C.2006 Mario D Furtado
Dark Love
Creatures of the night, they sing your praise;
Thoughts of you fill my days.
My lips to yours, my eyes to your eyes;
Passion a mere beginning, night echoes with our cries.
My touch to your cheek, your perfume to my nose;
Whispers for only you to hear; my cherished midnight rose.
Passion unyielding; love the nocturnal dew,
My body aches- a longing permeating me through and through.
Dark beauty in the night;
To you I come, in your dreams- let our souls take flight.
Upon wings, upon wind; upon petal as sure as the songbird\rd sings;
We soar together; two moths to the light.
Rhythm as one; bodies combined,
From within the shadows; a most precious find.
My hand through your hair; my embrace an eternal tether,
Hush now my love let us walk the night- always together.
c. 2006 Mario D Furtado
Decanter to glass; emerald of delight,
Promise of an escape; witness to my plight.
Burn away the pain ; shroud my mind from sight,
My eternal companion; every day and into the night.
c. 2006 Mario D Furtado



Nocturnal Thoughts
Passion and love carried on the wings of night;
Echoed through the land that knows no light.
Shrouded by the fog of the midnight hour;
Standing true- the pale moonlit flower.
c.2006 Mario D Furtado
A Night’s Requiem
Here I stand- shrouded by the night;
Alone; I look for you- there’s no one in sight.
The damp nocturnal fog rolls in upon me;
My calls go unanswered; where can you be?
The storm breaks; ran upon my face;
Tears from the sky- my Black Swan gone without a trace.
C.2006 Mario D Furtado
Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Never ending love -a dark mystery.
Let my words take you away,
Forget the hours, forget the day.
Your lips to my lips, tongues entwined;
‘Neath the shrouded moon; your love on my heart and on my mind.
Feel my hands upon your skin;
Firm yet gentle- a passion from within.
Feel my breath from head to toe,
Put aside your fear let yourself go.
I will wrap you in my veil
Joined forever- an eternal tale.
The clock strikes midnight, time stands still;
Two lovers together- one soul; one will.
c.2006 Mario D Furtado

ight’s Desire
Wind in the willows, threaded through the trees;
Answer my call- come to me please.
Song of the night; echoes of hearts desire;
I call out into the shadows; feel my passion – feel my fire.
C.2006 Mario D Furtado

I  Bleed
From my palms the crimson flows,
Once a source of pleasure- now you will not know.
Dripping from my chin; scarlet upon my flesh,
Lips withered without yours; once a passionate mesh.
Streaming from my eyes; painful tears of crimson,
Blinded- unable to gaze at what had been.
I bleed…I Bleed for you…
c.2006 Mario D Furtado


All above poetry is COPYRIGHTED and sole property of Mario D Furtado and is NOT to be reproduced in any way.

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C.2007 Mario D Furtado