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The Myers' House

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Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


 It is 1998 and 20 years after Michael Myers's attack on his unknowing sister Laurie Strode. Since then Laurie has lived with the danger of Michael tracking her down again and therefore faked her death in a car crash and reinvented herself as Keri Tate, the head-mistress of an executive school. However, she is having trouble with the drink, keeps having nightmares featuring Michael and keeps having run-ins with her rebellious teenage son, John, who doesn't believe that Michael is alive. Some of the kids decide to have a Halloween party and Laurie comes out and tells the truth to her boyfriend, teacher Will. However, somebody searches through the papers of recently deceased Dr. Loomis and finds that the info on Laurie's whereabouts are stolen. Michael has found Laurie and people start to disappear during the party. But this time Laurie is not going to run and stays to fight the madman whose trying to complete a job that has taken nearly 20 years so far...

Film Stats:
Opened On: Aug 7 1998
Film Gross: $55  Million
Directed by: Steve Miner