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The Myers' House

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Movie Spoilers
From 11/06/05
SPOILER Basically, turns out Myers has got a New set of Relatives. Yep. Nathan is Myers Great Nephew as Judith became pregnant with His Mother, Kathyrn, but was sent out of the country so not to shame the Family with a 14 year old pregnant daughter.END SPOILER

Michael slaughters most of the Film crew (they damn well better do these fucking scenes justice because they rock), Add to the fact that Nathan is running around the Town aimless SPOILER* He finds his Mother gutted in His house and runs*END*, It's raining down a flood, they're a vigalanteegroups Hunting Myers (As well as every cop in Haddonfield)and all of The Movie sets, Props, etc are still around the Town making everyone question what is real and what is not.

Movie Ends *SPOILER* as Nathan walks up to his bedroom, looks out the window and surveys the Dozens of Police cars and Reporters on the street, He goes to lie in his bed, turns off the light and reflected in The long Mirror beside his bed Is Myers.*END SPOILER*