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The Myers' House

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The Myers' Legacy

Early Life (1957 - 1963)

Michael Audrey Myers was born on Saturday October 19, 1957 in Haddonfield, Illinois. His parents were Donald "Don" Myers and Edith (Nordstrom) Myers. He had two sisters, Judith Margaret and Laurie Anne, respectively. The Myers family was Protestant and all three children were raised in a nurturing, caring setting. Their two-story Victorian home at 45 Lampkin Lane was located in the quiet, northwest section of Haddonfield. In their vicinity was the posh, tree-lined boulevard of Orange Grove, home to the city's cleanest and quality-built residences.

Michael was prone to bedwetting in times of extreme low self-esteem. He spent much time by himself contemplating his role in the family and desperate to succeed his parents' expectations. In many ways, Michael was both mature and immature for his age. Because of his time spent frequently alone, he claimed to hear voices; audible only to him.

Michael and Laurie both shared curiosity and timidity, but Michael was notoriously shy, often clinging himself to his mother. When not in her presence, he sought the company of his maternal grandmother; she seemed to understand him, in some ways, more than anyone. Michael's grandmother was more disciplined than his own birth parents, but was cold and unloving. She chastised her daughter Edith simply for buying a costume for Michael. She believed that allowing Michael to participate in the spirit of Halloween would further contribute to her grandson's, and even America's, moral decline.

Whenever the opportunity was present, she persistently tried to instill strong principles upon the impressionable child, even though she herself suffered from bipolar disorder. Although ingrained with moral values all her life, she would often spout that all sins be punished under Old Testament standards; erased with no chance of redemption. Constantly scolding her daughter for the way she rears her son, Michael's grandmother was certainly no better candidate for the raising of her grandchildren. She is actually the reason Michael went from being an innocent, introverted boy to a confused, mute, and immovable child filled with intense hate.

Halloween 1963 - The Night That Started It All

On Thursday October 31, Don and Edith, during breakfast, announced they planned to go out to dinner and then see a film at the Lost River Drive-In, a popular gathering site in Haddonfield. Judith already had plans to spend Halloween with her boyfriend Peter Greene. Michael and Laurie were going to be babysat by their neighbor Mrs. Blankenship. After school that day, Judith escorted Michael and Laurie across the street to the stately Blankenship residence. Judith embraced her two siblings and left with Peter down the sidewalk toward town. Don and Edith were going to catch a re-showing of Psycho and would return home at about 10:00 PM.

Laurie was only age two and Michael was only age six. During the whole evening, Michael was experiencing ruminations of his grandmother's lessons. He was constantly checking the window for his sister Judith to return home. When he finally saw her return home with her boyfriend, he became filled with hate. When the couple entered through the front door, Michael quickly snuck out of the Blankenship house. He dodged behind tall, lawn trees. He then silently crept up the front sidewalk to his house and saw the couple making out in the foyer. He then went to the side of the house and peeked through the living room window. Judith, so caught up in the moment, forgot her two young siblings were being babysat. When Peter asked if they were alone in the house, Judith replied, "Michael's around here someplace." The two lovers then agreed to continue their fun upstairs. Michael saw Judith's two-story bedroom light go out. He then entered his house through the back door and located a butcher knife in a kitchen drawer. He slowly made his way through the house. From around the corner, Michael saw Peter hastily leaving the house. He promised to call Judith the next day and then he left. Michael slowly made his way upstairs as a clock chimed at 10:00 PM. He found Judith seated in front of her vanity dresser combing her hair, wearing only underwear. A shocked Judith turned to see her young, costumed brother in her bedroom. Michael then repeatedly stabbed his seventeen-year-old sister in the chest.

Michael made his way outside just as his parents arrived home. Don removed Michael's mask. Michael himself was shocked at what he had just done and stood silent on the front sidewalk.

Incarceration, Treatment, and Escape (1963 - 1978)

Within days, local doctors in Haddonfield and the neighboring counties insisted that Michael be sent to the newly-constructed facility of Smith's Grove - Warren County Sanitarium, 150 miles away in western Illinois. Dr. Samuel J. Loomis was recently placed on staff at Smith's Grove by chief administrator, long-time friend, and medical colleague Dr. Terence Wynn. Not even 20 years before, Loomis had served in World War II for the United Kingdom, but suffered injuries and could no longer fight in combat. He soon after studied medicine and later moved to the United States to practice. He had some minor successes as a medical doctor, but he specialized in child psychiatry.

Michael was initially placed under Loomis' watch and care for four hours each day for a period of six months. On May 1, 1964, Dr. Loomis met two senior medical officials in the hospital's forum chamber. Loomis pleaded to the point of begging that Michael be transferred to "the maximum security ward in Litchfield." The officials brushed off Loomis' request believing that Michael was merely a "catatonic", whom "exhibits comatose behavior... no reaction to external stimuli." Loomis' extensive notes provided clues that Michael's "catatonia" was an ingenious cover for what he truly was: a remorseless, predatory psychopath. Loomis' realized he couldn't win the debate, and so finally agreed to keep Michael as his patient; as he didn't trust anyone else to look after him.

During the 15 years Michael spent at Smith's Grove, Loomis tried for the first eight to get him to speak and reply, but soon became convinced that the young man was truly evil. The remaining seven years were spent desperately trying to convince the superior doctors to transfer him to a facility with tighter security. At the time of his 21st birthday on October 19, Michael was to be presented to court in his home county. The verdict was going to determine further incarceration or freedom. The trial date for the murder of his older sister was pushed two weeks later for November 1. Michael realized his younger sister Laurie was now age 17. He also knew that Dr. Loomis would do everything to keep him locked up, so he made up his mind to escape.

Halloween (1978)

On the rainy night of October 30, 1978, Michael hijacked the car meant for his court transfer. The car was driven by Loomis' medical colleague and assistant Nurse Marion Chambers. After nearly attacking Marion, Michael got into the car and speedily drove off. His destination was his hometown of Haddonfield.

On the following day, Tuesday October 31, Michael had returned back to his childhood house, which is now vacant, run-down, and on the market under Strode Realty. That morning from inside, he saw a teenage girl leave a key under the front door mat. He recognized her from seven years earlier when she had visited him back in Smith's Grove. He came home and had found his quintessential target: his younger sister now named Laurie Strode.

For the rest of the day, he followed Laurie while she is in school, while she walked home from school, and while she went on her way to baby-sit. Laurie rode along with her friend Annie to baby-sit in another neighborhood. Laurie sits for comic-book-collecting Tommy Doyle while Annie sits for television-obsessed Lindsey Wallace. Later on, Annie gets a call at the Wallace house from her boyfriend Paul. She agrees to pick him up from town. Lindsey is taken across the street to continue watching The Thing from Another World with Tommy and Laurie. Soon after when Annie returns to her car, Michael kills her.

Later on, Annie's other friend, Lynda Van Der Klok, and her boyfriend Bob Simms showed up at the Wallace residence, where Michael also killed them. He then propped the three bodies in the upstairs bedroom and waited for his ultimate prize: his sister. Also, just before Lynda's death, Laurie had gotten a strange phone call from Lindsey's house. Laurie decided to go across the street and investigate. When she arrived, she thinks her friends are playing pranks on her. When Michael was in reach of Laurie, he stabbed her in the left shoulder.

He stalked her all the way to the Doyle residence. Laurie instructed Tommy and Lindsey to call the police from a neighbor's house. After they took off, Michael once again went after Laurie, now attempting to strangle her to death. Loomis, who had been on his patient's path the whole day, appeared in time and shot Michael six times at point-blank range. Michael then fell from a second-story balcony. Despite his seemingly fatal injuries, however, he mysteriously disappeared.

Halloween II (1981)

Continuing on the night of Tuesday October 31, 1978, Dr. Loomis exits the Doyle house and walks onto the front lawn. He inspects the spot where Michael had landed and finds a patch of blood. Before others suffer the fate of death at the wrath of his patient, Dr. Loomis resumes his relentless search for Michael along with Sheriff Leigh Brackett. The traumatized Laurie Strode is ambulanced to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital for her injuries obtained during the chase and attacks.

Interrupting an annual television broadcast of Night of the Living Dead, Haddonfield reporter Robert Mundy has arrived on the scene of the Wallace residence located on Orange Grove Boulevard. He confirms that three teenagers, two girls, one boy, have been found murdered in an upstairs bedroom. Soon after, Loomis and Brackett spot a mysterious man dressed in mechanic’s overalls slowly walking down a sidewalk. Loomis gets out of the sheriff’s car, equipped with his personal firearm, and trails after the costumed figure. Brackett follows closely behind Loomis, but a speeding police vehicle slams into the masked individual colliding him into a parked van. The two vehicles explode trapping the man. The police official leaves his car virtually unharmed, but Loomis is puzzled if Michael Myers was the victim in flames. Brackett forcefully screams to Loomis "Is it him. Is it him, or not!" Brackett’s police deputy Gary Hunt quickly arrives on the scene to confirm that there are three youths found dead across the street from the Doyle house. He believes that one of the teenagers is the sheriff’s own daughter, Annie.

Assured he is well out of Loomis’ reach, for the time being, Michael returns in pursuit of his sister Laurie. While making his way on foot in downtown Haddonfield, he overhears a radio announcement declare that the seventeen-year-old Laurie Strode had been transported to Haddonfield’s main hospital.

Michael soon after arrives at H.M.H. and later manages to slowly kill off the hospital’s principal staff: the security guard, a senior doctor, an ambulance driver, and four nurses including Head Nurse Virginia Alves, whom Laurie befriended. Jimmy Lloyd, an orderly and a student at a local college, reveals to Laurie that the radio and television broadcasts have identified her attacker: Michael Myers. She acts confused in the presence of her new friend as to why that the man whom was "that little kid who killed his sister" would be after her at all. Later on, she dreams about a moment she had experienced seven years earlier. When Laurie was age ten, she once visited her attacker at the institution he was being held at. She also remembers the day her adoptive mother Pamela Strode confessed she was not her biological mother. Laurie then has flashbacks of her real family and remembers she once had an older sister that was killed by her older brother, then a six-year-old. She realizes that it is her own brother whom is after her. Laurie is clued into the near presence of her feared tormentor when the hospital goes dark and the staff isn’t around. Since the telephone in her room wasn’t working, she decides to search for a working phone and then try escaping on foot.

Dr. Loomis and Deputy Gary Hunt meet a dentist named Graham at his office. The burned corpse is unveiled and Graham checks the teeth determining the man is young, at about age seventeen or eighteen. Loomis says Michael Myers is twenty-one and that everyone must assume he is still alive. Deputy Hunt then instructs his associate patrolman that all police officials do a sweep of the city from Chestnut Avenue to the Bypass checking every street, house, and backyard for the escaped patient.

Later on, Nurse Marion Chambers arrives in town to tell Loomis he is wanted back at the Smith’s Grove – Warren County Sanitarium, not just by his senior doctors, but by the Illinois governor himself. News of Michael’s first escape, the killing of three teenagers, being shot at, and his second escape had reached all over the state. Loomis feels that he cannot leave until he finds him. Accompanied by Marion is an Illinois state marshal whom is instructed to transport Loomis back to Smith’s Grove. When all hope of finding Michael is lost, Loomis reluctantly agrees to go back with Marion.

While on route to Smith’s Grove, Marion reveals "that girl, that Strode girl, that’s Michael Myers’ sister." Loomis realizes why Michael "came home" to Haddonfield. He killed one sister fifteen years ago, now he has returned to kill the other. Loomis fires a warning shot into the front passenger window, and the marshal swiftly turns the car around and the trio returns back into town to locate Laurie.

At the hospital, Michael is after Laurie once again. Marion and Dr. Loomis arrive and rescue her. Loomis shoots Michael five times rendering him immovable [momentarily]. The marshal sees Michael’s body collapse, honestly believing Loomis succeeded in killing him saying that "he’s dead." Loomis shouts "No he’s not! Look at him! He’s still breathing!" Loomis then instructs Marion to call for help from the marshal’s Citizens' Band radio. Even after being shot a total of eleven times, Laurie sees Michael lying on the floor wondering "why won’t he die?" Loomis shouts for the marshal to get away from Michael, but then the killer rises up and slits the marshal’s throat with a scalpel. Dr. Loomis and Laurie take off in the darkened hospital hoping to find a good hiding place.

Michael locates the pair in a rear operating room. Laurie reluctantly takes one of Loomis’ firearms and shoots Michael in the face, just barely missing his eyes. Loomis and Laurie fill the room with fresh oxygen and ether by turning on nearby tanks. Dr. Loomis frees Laurie from the room and then ignites a cigarette lighter. With the hospital on fire containing the psychiatrist and his patient, it is assumed that the explosion had killed them both.

Laurie soon after sees Michael engulfed by fire walk out of the operating room. She watches in fear as her brother comes increasing closer. But the fire weakens the psychopath and he collapses on the floor. Until twenty years later, watching Michael lying on the floor in flames is Laurie’s last memory of him. For the next score of years, she hoped that Michael had died from being burned to death, but even fire couldn’t stop him from continuing his pursuit of living family relatives.

On the following morning of Wednesday November 1, Laurie is pushed in a wheel chair by Nurse Marion to an ambulance. Laurie is apparently to be taken to a bigger hospital for further treatment.

  • Note: In the Television cut of this film, Jimmy Lloyd the orderly, is in the ambulance when Laurie was helped in. He sits up to reveal himself when the doors are closed. Laurie is happy with tears to learn he survived, exclaiming "we made it!" The two hold hands and the ambulance drives off.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Loomis and Michael survived the explosion at the hospital. Loomis had been scarred and walked with a cane, while Michael had spent an entire decade in a coma. On October 30, 1988, two Smith's Grove medical attendants (one male, one female) were tasked with transferring Michael from Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium in Ridgemont, Illinois, back to Smith's Grove. Soon after, while in the back of the ambulance, the male attendant declared that Michael has one living relative, a niece, residing in his hometown of Haddonfield. Upon hearing this news, Michael suddenly awakened, killed the two attendants and caused the driver to crash upturned into a river.

Later on, Loomis rushed to the crash scene, searched for Michael's body, and came up empty. The police tried to persuade him that even if Michael were alive, he would be too weak to cause any trouble. However, Loomis knew better and headed to Haddonfield. On the way, he stopped at a gas station to find two of Michael's victims. Loomis and his unstoppable patient stood yards apart from one another, Loomis pleading with Michael to leave the Haddonfield residents alone. Suddenly, Loomis pulled a gun out and fires at Michael, missing him. Michael then took off in a truck and almost ran over Loomis.

Loomis took a fresh look into Michael's past to contemplate the latest motive for his actions. Upon hearing of Jamie's existence and that she's in care of the Carruthers family, Loomis rushed to save her from her uncle.

The ever methodical Michael attacked an electrician and propelled his body onto the power lines, knocking out power for all of Haddonfield, after ransacking the police station, killing all inside. Michael continued to stalk Jamie and almost attacked her, but Loomis stopped him. They all then drove away to the sheriff's house, where they boarded up all the windows and doors. The sheriff's deputy and a young man, armed with a shotgun, guarded the house from inside. However, Michael outsmarted them, sneaking into the house before it was boarded up. Thus, they had locked themselves up with the very person they were trying to escape.

Sure enough, Michael surprised and killed them off one-by-one, chasing after Jamie and her older, adoptive sister Rachel. Ultimately, Jamie escaped, but Rachel plunged from the roof, apparently to her death. Jamie ran into Loomis, and the pair broke into the elementary school where Jamie attended. Michael surprised them both and then threw Loomis into a classroom door. As Michael closed in on Jamie, Rachel, who had in fact survived the fall, appeared and sprayed Michael with a fire extinguisher.

The two sisters escaped with a group of armed townsmen who also had a score to settle with Michael, as he murdered one of their sons. Michael stayed one step ahead by hiding under the truck, only to climb up and stab the gunmen one-by-one. Finally, the girls were left by themselves to fight off Michael, who was now slashing off the roof of the truck. Rachel abruptly stopped the truck, propelling Michael forward onto the ground, and then ran him over. This time, Michael didn't stir and Jamie got out of the car and touches his hand. Michael then nonchalantly sat up, but this time, the state police had finally shown up and they gunned him down as he fell into a mineshaft.

Jamie and Rachel returned home to their parents. As the evening ends, the opening sequence of the first movie repeated itself, except that instead of Michael dressed in a clown outfit, stabbing his sister, it was Jamie in the same outfit, stabbing her foster mother; when she touched Michael, his homicidal impulses transferred to her. Loomis tried to shoot Jamie, but the girls' police escort tackles him before he could do so, as you hear Loomis yelling "NO!"

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

After falling down the mine shaft, the state troopers tossed dynamite down the mine to make sure they finished the job, but Michael crawled out in time. He spotted a hermit's house in the nearby woods and passed out as he tried to strangle him. The hermit then nursed him back to health, but on Halloween, 1989, Michael reawakened, killed the hermit, and continued his insatiable quest to kill his niece.

Jamie, now in a catatonic state, had been put under doctor's care at a psychiatric home. She had been having nightmares since the events of part 4 and apparently, now shared some sort of telepathic link with her uncle; she knew exactly when and where he would strike next. Michael snuck into Rachel's house, eventually killing her. Michael then killed off a bunch of teenagers (and two police officers) as he slowly built up to his main target, Jamie.

Loomis, who was slowly losing his mind, used Jamie's connection with Michael to set a trap for him at his house. Myers disposed of the cops and even wounded Loomis as he stalked Jamie. Jamie ran into the attic, where she found her dead sister Rachel. When he finally had the opportunity to kill Jamie, he suddenly stopped when she says "uncle?" Afterwards, Jamie says "Let me see". In a bizarre moment of weakness and humanity, Michael listened to his niece and eventually took off his mask, beginning to cry. When Jamie said "Let me" and tried to wipe away his tears, Michael recoiled and attacked Jamie in a rage. He angrily stalked Jamie until he encountered Loomis, who caught Michael in a net and beat him into unconsciousness. For the first time in the series, Michael was captured and imprisoned, but a mysterious stranger dressed in black blasted him out of jail.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

It is revealed that Myers was saved by a secret cult of Druids that existed to worship and protect him. This same cult also kidnapped Jamie, who was now 15 and gave birth to a child. Although Jamie escaped, Michael stalked and killed her, but he was unable to find where she hid the baby. Loomis, meanwhile, finally learned the secret of Michael's homicidal rage and apparent immortality: the curse of the symbol "Thorn," which makes the victim believes that if he kills all of his family members, he will bring balance to the conditions that afflict humanity.

At the end of the theatrical version of the movie, the audience was led to believe that Loomis was murdered by Myers, as a loud scream was heard from inside the building in which Loomis and Myers were last seen in. The truth is that Loomis found out that the Michael he was following was meerly just Dr. Wynn! Wynn then passes on the duty of watching Michael on to Loomis. The shocked psychiatrist receives the Thorn symbol on his right wrist. This is why Loomis screams at the end of this movie. Sadly, Donald Pleasence passed away shortly after filming ended.

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998)

Laurie Strode faked her own death and changed her name to Keri Tate. She was now the Headmistress and a literature teacher at a respected private school in Northern California. Myers discovered her whereabouts, and again attempted to kill her and her 17-year-old son. After all these years, she realized she was not afraid. She waited for Michael to come back. Laurie knew her brother was coming, so she got ready to battle. After a brutal fight, Laurie (apparently) decapitated her hated brother. Although, we don't find out that the Michael she decapitated was a fake until the next movie, Halloween: Resurrection.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Laurie Strode thought she had put an end to her evil brother once and for all. It turns out, while Michael was still in the academy's dining hall, a Summer Glen paramedic came to inspect his motionless body. Just as he was about to unmask him, Michael arose and crushed the paramedic's larynx. Michael then switched clothes with the now-mute and unconscious paramedic. When Laurie hijacked the coroner's van, she believed her brother had been loaded in. After succeeding in crashing the van down a steep slope off a mountainous highway, Laurie beheaded the costumed and masked man. When it was discovered she killed an innocent man, she was arrested for homicide. Shortly afterward, Laurie was committed to the psychiatric care facility of Grace Andersen Sanitarium.

Three years later, on the night of October 31, 2001, Michael eventually located his sister at the institution. He broke into the facility, tracked down Laurie, and chased her as she made her way to the rooftop. Laurie had planned an ingenious trap her brother's eventual return. When he fell for the trap and was hanging upside-down, Laurie wanted to make certain Michael was the man behind the mask. As she proceeded to unmask him, Michael grabbed her left hand. Equipped with a knife in her right hand, Laurie tried to drive it into Michael's abdomen. He grabbed her right hand as well. The rope suspending Michael broke and the two siblings were pulled to the other side of the roof. Michael grabbed the ledge, but managed to drive the knife into Laurie's back. Laurie kissed the lips of his mask and vowed that she would see her brother in Hell. Michael released the knife letting Laurie fall to her death.

One year later on October 31, 2002, Michael was home in Haddonfield. He was living in a section of tunnels below his childhood house. The abandoned house itself was being used as the setting for an Internet reality show by Dangertainment owner and operator Freddie Harris (Busta Rhymes) along with his girlfriend and colleague Nora Winston (Tyra Banks). Here six college students, three from Haddonfield University, have won as contestants to spend Halloween night in the now-infamous residence.

That night, Michael succeeded in killing five of the college students and two of the crew members. Freddie and the reserved college student Sara Moyer managed to electrocute and burn Michael while the garage was engulfed with flames. Michael's body was thereafter taken to the morgue. As a female coroner was about to unmask his charred face, he suddenly awakened. The feared and unstoppable serial killer Michael Myers is still alive...

Halloween 2007

In June of 2006, it was announced that Rob Zombie would be writing, directing and producing a Halloween remake/reimagining of the original film for release in October of 2007. While the film will be a new beginning to the franchise, it has been made clear that the Michael Myers mask will remain. The exact release date, official cast and crew, and storyline are currently unknown. At one time, it was believed that the next film would be a sequel named Halloween: Retribution. Casting had even begun for the film and included Billy Dee Williams, Bryce Inman as Stephen Lloyd and Leelee Sobieski as Rachel Carruthers. It seems that with the announcement of Rob Zombie's remake, Halloween: Retribution has been abandonded altogether. Also in question is the involvement of Heather Bowen, who had won a walk-on part in the next Halloween film, as the result of a contest held by the film series' official website. The legal separation of Miramax Films from Dimension Films and The Walt Disney Company, as well as the untimely death of series executive producer, Moustapha Akkad, had delayed formal commencement of this installment for some time.


Though some credit Michael's juggernaut-like state, which allows him to recover from deadly experiences, to his own natural rage and murderous psyche, it is more commonly accepted to be caused by the Curse of Thorn, as stated in the sixth film. This curse compels Michael to kill all the members of his family, and all who stand in his way. According to myth, this is supposed to spare the "village" Michael inhabits from a form of plague or disaster. The Curse uses Michael as nothing more than a puppet and a guide to the appropriate victims. Thorn seems to fuel Michael in a way far exceeding any ordinary human capacity, since he was completely mobile, regardless of the fact that his muscles were supposed to be virtually useless to him.

It is also theorized that Michael himself, the man behind the mask, feels remorse for his killing. In Halloween 5, he seemed to fight back the curse and, when he removed his mask, cried. It was as though he himself wasn't in control of himself, or was forced to act by the curse, similar to Simon Cartwright's hand being forced by the Uglies. Michael has on occasion, gone out of his way in order to kill certain people, namely, the members of the Cult. It is unknown what Michael may have endured at their hands, and as such, he may have had a vendetta against them, since taking time to kill them would slow his progress towards baby Steven, there is no logical motive for Thorn killing them.

Many fans do not consider Halloween: Resurrection to be true canon, and disregard it's relevance to the plot, especially since the entire Curse of Thorn plot is disregarded, as is his motive for killing family. Alternately, many fans also disregard films 4, 5 and 6 as not being true Canon, and though this removes any valid speculation as to Michael's apparent immortality, aside from a power similar to that of Jason Voorhees.

The fans who take Halloween: Resurrection into consideration believe Sara Moyer is somehow blood related to Michael, seeing as he stalked her before she went into the house. If so, then she's just another family member who needs to die for the good of nature.

It should also be noted that the H20 plot of Michael killing his family at age 17 may be linked to the fact that the constellation of Thorn consists of 17 stars. This is only speculation and may be coincidence.

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